Characteristics of reported cases of anaphylaxis with Pfizer vaccine

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Abbreviations: COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019; ED = emergency department; epi = epinephrine; F = female; M = male.
* As documented in the VAERS report or medical records, or through confirmation with the treating health care provider or the patients themselves.
 Inpatient = inpatient hospitalization.
§ The Brighton Collaboration case definition uses combinations of symptoms to define levels of diagnostic certainty. Brighton Level 1 represents the highest level of diagnostic certainty that a reported case is indeed a case of anaphylaxis; Levels 2 and 3 are successively lower levels of diagnostic certainty. Level 4 is a case reported as anaphylaxis but that does not meet the Brighton Collaboration case definition. Level 5 is a case that was neither reported as anaphylaxis nor meets the case definition ( icon).
 As documented in the description of the adverse event in the VAERS report in Box 18 or as document in recovery status in Box 20.

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