How to embed tables

This option allows to improve presentation and visibility of your publication.

If you do not have a Google sites, go ahead up to Google docs in red further below.

If you do not have it, create an account in google sites following the steps.
Your masterfile can be namednamelibrary, enter the code in blue.
Finally you will get an account with the name you give it.
Left: an example of my libraryRight: pay attention to the command with pen, to modify the page. Click on it
Then it appears this image in left.The next step in right is going to the HTML button on the upper right, the it appears the code text label.
The it appears this image in left.
Keep it in mindRight: How to access to Google docs, to create your file to export to google sites.
Left: the screen once you access to docs.Right: We will create a new document, selecting the option Create upper left in left column
Left: It appears this screenRight: select the option File and page settings (blue)
Left: choose width 0.1 (dot, not colon), high 0.1, left margin 0. assign the color.
Right: select the option table in menu, the it appears the scroll menu. Choose 1 column, 1 row
Left: the final result.Right: copy the information you want to appear, then rename it. It appears the screen down left.
Left: Assign the name.Right: The name appears next to Google docs. Select the command «SHARE» upper right.
Left: the resultant screeen indicating the document is ready to be share.
Select «Public in web», and save the changes.
Left: the resultant screen indicating document is shared.Right: another important step, to generate a frame command: to publish in web, selecting option in share option upper right.
Left: the resultant screen, indicating the document is ready to be public in the web.Right: after starting publication, further acept the popping command below.
Left: the resulting screen. Note the code text starting with <iframe….Right: select and copy the TEXT CODE of your new document.

Left: next to the name of the file, it appears the text Public in the web, after the world in gray.Right: go to HTML screen in sites, and insert the TEXT CODE of your new document. Note is the same as in the image upper right.  Update, clicking the button down left.
Left: then it appears Google gadget, in this case, the upper version. If you have previous files (as is my case, then it will be another gadgets, the square down in my case).
Right; clicking in HTML option, go back to text code: note in blue the width is reset in 500; generally only you have one opportunity to update.
Left: once saved the file, it appears the upper gadget, corresponding to the TEXT CODE.
Right: the text code in blue contains the updated by google sites TEXT CODE. Select and copy it.
Left: click the HTML command in  knol, the obtains this screen in a new knol.Right: paste the google sites TEXT CODE, update.
Left: Once updated, it is obtained this google gadget.Right: Once saved your knol, here it is your embedding.


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