To improve presentation and visibility of knols

It is described some buttons to improve visibility of knols, by adding button to share with different social networks.

To include button     Share
1. Start to link
it appears
2. Select the option of button you wish

3.  Give a name in the option Page name; it could be the name of your specific knol
4. Go the link or «enlace» button, with arrow, and select the url of the knol
5. Add the url of the knol in the option of page url
6. Then click «Get Button Code»; it appears the code text, select it and copy it, it appears in blue in the window
The code text appears as
<!– AddToAny BEGIN –>
<a href=»;linkname=Knol%20add%20to%20any»><img src=»» width=»171″ height=»16″ border=»0″ alt=»Share»/></a>
<!– AddToAny END –>

Notice in red the url of the knolán/to-improve-presentation-and-visibility/3sktw3ldc86j2/179
7. With the code text copied, then click (arrow) in html option, it appears this screen:
8. As you can notice, the code text is copied, then it appears the button Share


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Alejandro Melo-Florián

Writer, Internal Medicine specialist. Bogotá D.C -Colombia
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