Biblioteca de temas en Osteomuscular

Biblioteca de temas en Osteomuscular



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IL-1 and its role in osteoarthritis

Alejandro Melo Florián


Given the high and rising figures of people with osteoarthritis, knowledge of newfactors defining course and evolution of the disease are important, when consideringnew pharmacological targets. IL-1 is a very important cytokine in the early stepsof osteoarthritis, giving the high sensitivity of the chondrocytes to this cytokine,and it can be considered the bridge permiting the dialogue between the differentstructures of the articulation, in such a way that the cartilage is not the only tissueaffected in OA. IL-1 increases the destruction of the extracellular matrix of the cartilageincreasing the collagenolytic activity of metalloproteases, increasing activity ofnytric oxide ON, wich can induce apoptosis of chondrocytes. Interestingly, IL-1 further induces changes in the homeostasis of the cartilage, lessening activity of growthfactors, such as TGF-beta.


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Alejandro Melo-Florián

Writer, Internal Medicine specialist. Bogotá D.C -Colombia
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