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what is Open Archive, founded in September 2007, is an international Non-Profit Organization that advocates Open Access for never-before-published research papers on the web and provides Self-Archiving platform to enable better knowledge sharing in a way that’s easy to publish.We’re running the following web site in order to promote «Self-Archiving».
This is not Institutional Repository (IR), but we are calling «Individual Repository (iR)».This Open Access Repository are collecting scientific material (not only publications).
For example: Journal Article, Thesis or Dissertation, Departmental Bulletin Paper, Conference Paper, Presentation, Book, Technical Report, Research Paper, Article, Preprint, Learning Material, Others.
If you have such a paper and would like to add a Creative Commons license to your work, or if your working organization has no Institutional Repository (IR), Open your archives and we’re here to spread them to the world.
We hope all types of papers be shared with everyone.We believe that Open Access to the scholarly information makes the better world for everyone.
One of our goals is to advocate «Open Access» mind as widely as possible.


Sep 10, 2011 9:07 PM

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Alejandro Melo-Florián

Writer, Internal Medicine specialist. Bogotá D.C -Colombia
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